Launch Love Masterclass

A Powerful 2-Part Masterclass to Create A Graceful, Beautifully Aligned 5-Figure Launch

Here’s something no one is talking about when it comes to launches…

Like everything else in life, launching a group program is about alignment and energy.

It’s about getting into the right mindset and energetic space that will allow ideas to flow and authentic inspiration, motivation and creativity to arise so you can easily attract a long line of dream customers who can’t wait to purchase your program or offering…

This may sound unbelievable to you…

Maybe even impossible…

But it’s not.

When I experienced my first 5-figure launch for a group program in 2016, it was so easy and so much fun that I couldn’t wait to do it again and I ended up launching several highly successful programs in just one year!

Welcome to Launch Love
This Masterclass reveals launch methods and strategies unlike anything else that’s out there

This is going to be a value-packed 2-part Masterclass where you will learn everything you need to know about launching your group program with ease and grace…

When you’re done with the class, you’re going to actually look forward to launching your group programs and you’re going to love the entire launch process!

Part 1 of Launch Love is focused on the Pre-Launch process, which includes the activities, strategies and techniques you need to have in place before your launch and in Part 2, you’ll learn about the actual Program Launch and Post Launch processes.

  • Understand what you need to do to before your launch — the pre-launch process — so you can set yourself up for a hassle-free, graceful, aligned launch experience
  • Learn the exact strategies you need plus the pieces you must have in place for the Launch and Post Launch processes, so you can achieve your dream 5-figure launch with a sense of calm confidence
  • Know the role of Facebook ads in a launch process and identify if you need Ads to push your launch to the 6-figure mark
  • Discover multiple strategic launch options you can use so you can have a range of methods to choose from. This will allow you to find a launch option that aligns with your personality, your strengths and your unique energy
  • Receive the tested and proven methods I personally use to step into creative flow and craft my incredibly successful group programs so you can start to create your own with ease
  • Learn how to easily manage your energy for inner balance and clarity so you can make the right decisions for your launch, every step of the way

Includes: Two 80 to-95-minute videos and two 18-page PDF guides